Nine63 The International Code of Syria

Syria is characterized by a stunning nature, its land runs between wide green plains, hills, mountains, charming forests & desert reflecting the sun in its golden sands. Same beauty lends to an azure sea shaping the Mediterranean coast.

Nine63 team now comes from this beautiful land to Egypt to showcase its years of experience since 1960s in food arts from the city of Aleppo, which is famous for its delicious cuisine, and which has been registered by UNESCO as the oldest city in the world.

We will gladly go with you through our tasty dishes adding the charm of the East fragrant caravans & the silk road loaded with the finest spices.

Our team promote a new concept of cooking through combination of the old and the modern techniques, which results in a beautifully served dishes that suit all tastes.

Come to experience the taste of Syria, Nine63 is SYRIA`S CODE OF TASTE.

Welcome to Nine63 the Syria’s Code of Taste

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