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Hot Appletizers

Hummus Meat Ball
Served with ground meat ball, tomato sauce and pasrsley

Hummus & Falafel Bites
Served with Syrian falafel bites

Eggplant moutabal served with ground meat, tomato sauce, parsley, pine nuts

Sausage filled with rice, ground meat, chickpeas served with Syrian spices

Sassijo Bel Maklaye
Sausages with tomato sauce, colored pepper, potato, mushrooms, pine nuts, pepper paste

Sawdet Djaj
Chicken liver served with pomegranate molasses

Halloumi Motabal
Grilled halloumi cheese, pepper paste, Syrian spices

Halloumi Bel Za`atar
Grilled halloumi cheese served with Aleppian thyme

Soujok Roll
Fried rolled bread pieces filled with kafta meat and spiced soujok style

Kurdish Cheese
Syrian cheese, tomato, chili pepper served in shami bread

Ground meat, Syrian cheese served in shami bread

Cheese Bourak
Fried homemade dough stuffed with cheese, parsley, black cumin

Akras Naa`naa
Lean grounded meat, mint, garlic, lemon, olive oil

Habret Samak
Fried lean grounded meat served with Aleppian special spices

Batata Moutafaieh
Fried potatoes served with pepper paste, tomato, coriander

Batata Harra
Fried potatoes served with fresh coriander, chili pepper

French Fries

Syrian Falafel

Meat Samosas

Spinach Samosas